Mar 5, 2011

Generate a report using Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2010 tutorials.



Thank you very much.Now I can create the crystal report in vs2010.


Thank you very much.
but i have a small problem..
when i run the report from VS 2010 my report is working properly.but when i publish it in IIS (V5.1) its not gives me this error
"Unable to find the report in the manifest resources. Please build the project, and try again. ".please gimme a help.

Thank you.


Hi Tarun

Your article about CrystalReport is so useful, and the pictures make your articles So Clear.

but I have a big Problem.
when I join (INNER JOIN) 2 tables in CrystalReport and run the report just show me my report design like this picture:
I hope you can see it,
i use this codes to connect my DataSet to my Crystal Report:

string connection = "Data Source=.\\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=C:\\KianiWorkShopDB\\Kiani.mdf;User Instance=True;Integrated Security=True;";

SqlConnection mycon = new SqlConnection(connection);
SqlDataAdapter myadap = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT Materials.Material,ExtraMaterial.Supply,ExtraMaterial.PersianDate FROM ExtraMaterial JOIN Materials ON ExtraMaterial.MaterialID=Materials.ID", mycon);
KianiDataSet myset = new KianiDataSet();
myadap.Fill(myset, "Materials");
CrystalReport1 Prodreport = new CrystalReport1();
proreport.ReportSource = Prodreport;
thank you for helping me

Tarun Dudhatra

Hi you have mention your code and provide me a screen shot as well. But i think you have not mentioned your problem can you please tell the the problem where you are stuck, So I can help you to move forward.

Vee Eee Technologies

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.
Vee Eee Technologies


I am very happy to read you sir Tarum , could I use this version of Crystal Reports for solution deployment ?

Thank and God bless you


I am having a problem. I am not able to open the crystal report 8 in visual studio 2008 c# It is opening in Binary mode.
Can anybody solve this issue?
Thanks for the help in advance.


Thanks, how to insert the crystal report viewer in ms visual studio prof edition. Thanks


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Ali Mamoon

hi Tarun Dudhatra
its a great post ...
but i am having one problem. i want to create report based on two tables and use join in my query. I tried my best but no luck. can you plz make a tutorial in which two tables are used.



thank you..

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