May 6, 2011

How to Exclude your Own Visits From Blogger Stats?

When we are developing any blog or website then normally we want to watch the traffic on our site or blog. There are lots of traffic source tracker sites and tools are available on the net, but I found 2 more effective tools where we can check our traffic stat very easily. 1 is Google Analytic and second one is Blog Stat which is recently launched in blogger platform.

Blogger stats is excellent way to track world wide traffic on you blogger blog. It is now built in facility by and very much similar to Google Analytic and it will be similar because both are from Google only.

Benefit of Blogger stat
Main benefit of blogger stat is you do not need to add any external code to track your traffic source like hitstat, google analytics, sitemeter etc.

In Google analytic is was easy to exclude your own visits but how to exclude your own visit from blogger stat?

So here the step by step guide to exclude your own visit from blogger stat.

First go to and login there.

From dash board might you have more then 1 blog so find your blog where you want to exclude your stat and click on stat tab on that blog details like below figure 1

Figure 1

Now in overview section(tab) on stat tab there is page view details at right side like pageview today etc under that widget you can see don't track own visit link, see below figure 2

Figure 2

now once you click on that link don't track own visit it will open on small popup with 2 radio button.
Track my pageview and
Don't track my pageview

select second option don's track my page view and click on save button like below figure and you are done. Now blogger will exclude you own visit from traffic source details.


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